All prophecy is for your prayerful discernment.  We do not give dates or times.  Sometimes the events will happen quickly.  But in either case how, when, and where the prophetic events occur is for God alone to determine.  Click Here to read our blog posts

Kingdom Blessings,


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2-27-14 Another very active storm is on the horizon.  I heard in my spirit, "First a storm, then an earthquake."  Pray NOW!!


2-6-14  Another POWERFUL storm is coming! 

Begin to seek God in this season!  The windows of heaven are open!  The doors of opportunity await those who are ready and prepared to enter!

1-27-14 A turning, a turning, a turning of ways I need My people to turn from their ways!  Their hearts are as cold as ice.  I need for My people to return to Me.  Listen, listen, listen for I AM calling My people to get in place.

1-26-14 Another storm is coming.  Prepare yourself.  Epic proportions.